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Passport to Good Health
Join us on the journey to GOOD Health

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About the Program

"Passport to Good Health" is an educational program developed by the members of the Greater Norfolk Medical Society of South Hampton Roads. This Medical society is an organization historically comprised of African American physicians, who practice in the greater Hamptons Roads area.  

The mission of the organization is "to serve as an informed voice for those physicians who care for African American patients". The goal of the organization is "to serve the community through education, advocacy and activities targeted at reducing and eliminating the healthcare disparity between minority and non-minority populations".


The members of the society believe that knowledge is power; thus the development of an educational program that will improve the knowledge of all participants so that their lifestyles will be tailored to give them "good health". Achieving optimal health is a journey so the passport concept was devised. 


The objectives of the program are stated below:


  • To increase the knowledge of the participant and therefore changing behavior    

  • To increase knowledge of recommended screens for potential cancer states

  • To increase awareness for the need of more African American physicians

  • Conduct pre and post-test with participants to measure increased knowledge with monthly educational topics 

  • Measure the impact of year-long education. Decrease in BP, A1C and Cholesterol by 5% for participants with uncontrolled numbers and maintain baseline for those with controlled numbers. Collect baseline numbers at beginning and end of programs 

Each participant will be issued a passport at registration. There will be monthly educational sessions centered on a different health topic. The passport of each participant will be stamped every time they attend a session. Incentives and other rewards are planned for those that complete the year-long program. It is hoped that through the completion of this program that each participant will gain better insight and ability to change their behavior to result in improved health.


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